.. Is not normally something I find sexy, but in this case it is. The fashion brand “Chick with Guns” is designed by the sexy model Lykke May. I think she’s inspired by Alexander Wang and I like her style. You can see the AW09 look-book with Lykke May modeling here.


  1. Just wanted to say Hi here on your blog and thank you again! 🙂 The brand is called Chick with guns, without the “s” after chick.. 😉 Just wanted to let you know…. But million thanks Signe! It was really so nice of you to post about my line here. I wish you the best. Keep in touch! x May

  2. Of course thats right! 🙂
    Your welcome! I wouldn’t write about it, if I didn’t like it!

    – Signe

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