A collection of some of the posts I wrote for Copenhagen Fashion Weekend.

Despite the crisis – who doesn’t have a crisis right now? – I think it’s amazing to see how Copenhagen slowly is developing into an influential fashion capital. We have great designers and photographers and – not to forget – great looking models.
Amanda Nørgaard is one of my favorite new models. She rocked the previous Copenhagen Fashion Week, and I hope we’ll see more of her in this coming fashion week.

1248099134I absolutely love to look back in fashion history – especially when it means to gaze at vintage fashion campaigns. I’m very inspired by the way the women are styled and I love the campaigns that use few tools to get your attention. A beautiful woman photographed by a great photographer, few colours and a simple layout is all I need. The first ad is a Valentino ad that creates a universe of luxury and glamour – which definitely is values I would expect from Valentino. The second one is a Christian Dior, which also is luxury, but here the woman looks more androgenic with a jacket, and I really love this one. The last one is an ad for the French designer Sonia Rykiel, which captures the French chicness and elegance.




I have to share my little obsession with you. I have an obsession with almost every French black/white film. Especially the ones directed by the amazing new wave filmmaker Jean-Luc Godard. He was born in Paris and his movies are always extremely stylish and inspiring. Every detail has been thought about. The women always look chic and the men look sharp in their tailor-made suits. If you don’t know any of Jean-Luc Godard’s films I suggest you get your hands on his “À bout de soufflé” from 1960. To show you his universe here are some photos from three of his films.




Is the nickname of Lillie Langtry who was a famous British actress born in 1853. She was encouraged by her close friend Oscar Wilde to begin her acting career, having her debut in 1881 in “She Stoops to Conquer” her talent started to show. It was not just on the stage that Lillie was successful. She also had success with the men who all adored her and wanted her to be their mistress. Actually this is why she has become known to me. Right now I’m on a road-trip through the US. One of our stops on the way was the town of Langtry, Texas. The infamous Judge Roy Bean – who you might have heard about in some Lucky Luke films – ruled the town. Judge Roy Bean was an ardent admirer of Lillie, and named the saloon where he held court “The Jersey Lily”. He also spread the rumor that the town was named after her. Last but not least he named his own residence the opera house in anticipation of a visit from her.

I love these old pictures of her.




Is a magazine I don’t usually read, and after reading it at my hotel here in Texas, I’m convinced that it won’t be in my magazine rack in the future. But the title actually inspired me to write a post. If Li Edelkoort tells us that the future trend is turning towards a return to the country and our roots, maybe we should start giving it some more focus? Either way I now have a chance to show you some photos by one of my favorite photographers; Greg Kadel. He’s an American photographer from Philadelphia and as you can see, he’s been inspired by cowboys and indians.



Another Western inspired post. This time I went to Billy the Kid’s hometown Lincoln in New Mexico. Here I found these amazing cowboy boots used by former Western film stars, which you can see below. If you want to get your hands on a real pair of cowboy-boots you’ll have to look at the Lucchese Boot Company. Here the boots are handmade with the best quality leather using the finest craft-techniques.


I’m extremely inspired by the work of the American artist; Man Ray. His avantgarde photography amazes me. He’s been named one of the 25 most influential artists of the 20th century. Here are some of my favourite avantgarde photos by him, from the book “Man Ray” published by Taschen.




So now I have arrived to the infamous Las Vegas. Until now my impression of the desert-city can be described in three words: glitter, money and of course gambling.
These things seems kind of monotonous after a short period of time, but one thing you definitely have to see if you want to visit Las Vegas is the Neon Museum. The Neon Museum is actually not a museum yet, but many art students are working full time – without getting paid – to raise money to build a museum containing old neon signs from Las Vegas dating as far back as to the 1930s. So today I got a tour through “The Boneyard” with the signs situated away from the Strip and all the glitter and this was amazing. Here are some of the photos I took, but you owe it to yourself to give it a visit someday.




After being in Las Vegas I have to see this movie from 1967 when I come home. The film was the first James Bond parody, based on the Ian Flemming Novel.




I love the beach, and I love black & white photos. Now I will go out into the sun and enjoy the beach of Santa Monica and look as fabulous as these women.



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