SHOWstudio has done it again. Now it’s a “political fashion” film by Nick Knight and the frontwoman of The Gossip, Beth Ditto.

SHOWstudio describes it like this:

Titled Feminist – a moniker Beth is proud to flaunt in an age when few else dare – Nick’s film focusses on Beth’s statuesque size (an attribute oft-remarked upon) and more tellingly her own playful and unabashed appreciation of this voluptuousness. Recalling his work with larger-than-life models Sarah Morrisson and Sophie Dahl, ‘Feminist’ revels not only in Beth’s physique, but in her overwhelming body confidence and consciousness. Powerful, beautiful, self-assured and definitely in control: as opposed to just wearing the label, Beth is the living embodiment of the feminist ideal.

You have to see the beautiful film, you can see it here

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