Soon Copenhagen Fashion Week will fill the streets of Copenhagen with fashionable people from all over the world. If you don’t work in the fashion business — but love fashion — this has previously felt like you were a kid in a candystore where the candy was made of Play Dough.
This is no longer the case!
Danish Fashion Institute has — since a couple of years ago — started the event: Copenhagen Fashion Weekend.
This is an event created in collaboration with Wonderful Copenhagen and Copenhagen City Centre and it invites the public to the fashion week and offers plenty of opportunities to get your daily fashion fix. You’ll be able to win tickets to some of the fashion shows and there will be lots of exiting things to go to, see and try. Copenhagen Fashion Weekend runs from 4 to 7 August.
And if this wasn’t enough they have also launched a new thing this time! This time they collaborate with 5 different blogs — and Wunderbuzz is one of them. The project has already started and you can watch the different bloggers here.
I will be a guestblogger from 19 to 25 July so you better check it out!

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