Love this girl. I just saw the movie “Factory Girl” based on Edie Sedgwick’s life-story. She is best known as one of Andy Warhol’s muses and acted in several of his movies. And if that isn’t enough she also had a short flirt with Bob Dylan.

Even though she struggled with drug addictions and eating disorders – she was so full of life and style and inspired a generation of girls to cut their hair short and experiment with dramatic eye-makeup, big earrings and black stockings. In-fact she is known as the girl with the black stockings because of her outfits consisting nothing more than a leotard, opaque tights and a sweater.

Edie was an it-girl of the 60s, and still seems to inspire. Christian Dior was inspired by her and dedicated one of their catwalk-shows to her look.








  1. She is an insane beauty! cant take my eye of her in the Factory, what a beauty!

    /Miss Démode

  2. edie sedgwick is my ulimate style icon; her hair, the tights, the make-up, the accent, the earrings, the dresses and her dazzling smile is just amazing. i love ‘Factory Girl’. not long ago i brought the biography on her and i thought it was both sad and interesting

  3. Signe Kassow

    I have to read it! She was the coolest 🙂

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