With no music, no logo and nothing else to set the atmosphere, Norwegian FIN truly stated their ideas about a better environment. The surroundings appeared very clean, and I was soon pushed in a no-nonsense mindset. This show was only to be about the clothes, nothing else. As it all started the large screen was light, and the logo appeared sharp, together with music that sounded like it belonged to the Scandinavian fells.  Contrary most fashion shows FIN started with their two most spectacular spieces; Two long dresses, which to me seamed to be constructed in memoriam of one of the greatest designers the world have ever seen: French Madeleine Vionnet. Drapings and knots were the main theme of the entire collection, and with a cold color palette consisting of black, grey, dusty blue and beige a simple, but clean look walked down the catwalk.


Signe has combined the outfits with photos by Nicholas Alan Cope.

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