Her story is very sad, but the work she created before her suicide at the age of only 22, is astonishing. Francesca Woodman was born in 1958 in Denver, Colorado. Her parents are the well-known artists George Woodman and Betty Woodman.

Here is Francesca Woodman with her father George Woodman

After researching her work, it seems most of the black and white photographs she took, was of herself or other women, often posing nude.

What I especially love about her photos, is that the bodies are blurry (due to movement and long exposure times). It gives the figures a kind of ghostlike feeling, because what is in focus is the background or the objects in the scene, not them, yet you immediately turn your eyes to them. It seems like they are almost trying to hide themselves away from the world, or maybe they have never actually been there. Knowing Francesca’s tragical short lifestory, you can get a feeling that this was exactly how she felt herself. Nontheless, the photographs are great artworks, and they make me think about how fleeting life can be.

In 2010, Scott Willis created a film titled “The Woodmans” about “The story of a family that suffers a tragedy, but perseveres and finds redemption through each other and their work – making art.” Watch the trailer here: [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qu9LSFFnn54[/youtube]

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