In the 1661 book Eighteen Books of the Secrets of Art & Nature, Johann Jacob Wecker, various methods of coloring hair black, gold, green, red, yellow, and white are explained.

Read snippets from the book below.

To make your Hair as white as silver
Take river water twenty five pound, roots and leaves of Centory three ounces, boyl them together untill a third part be consumed; then when they have flood fifteen dayes in the Sun, adde Gum Arabick, Dragant, Alum, of each two ounces; Venice Sope, Tartar of White wine, of each one pound : mingle them, and boyl them so long, untill they be a water, which the Italians commonly call Blonde; that is, yellow Venetian: And when you will use it, in the morning wet your hair well with it, and wrap them in a linen cloath; then in the evening wash your hair in Lee wherein the Herb called Vitriola is boyled, and dry them at the sunne or the fire; which when you have done twice or thrice a week, your hair will be white, clear, and silver coloured.

To make your Hair seem green
The distilled water og Capers will make your hair green.

To make your Hair red
Take one handfull of Nut-tree leaves, distill them in a glass Retort, and with that only wet your hoary hairs fifteen daies, and they will be red: This colour will last one month. But wet not your face with that water, for it will grow black.

To make your Hair black
You shall make your hair or beard black thus: Take common Lee what you please, infuse therein the leaves of Beets, Sage, and Bayes, Myrrh, and the shells of Walnuts; then boyl them all, and wash your beard or head therewith, or wet them with a spunge dipt therein, and a little pressed forth. You will wonder at the event.

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