…blogs write about fashion not shopping! This was the title of an email I received today from Beckmans College of Design and I must say I agree. But anyway “In a Perfect World” is the title of an exhibition in PUB Department Store in Stockholm from January 28th–February 7th. The exhibition features the work of twelve fashion students from Beckmans College of Design they each have the ambition to add something to the fashion system.

What would we change if we could? What if fashion were different?

This is the teaser:

[vimeo]http://www.vimeo.com/8713717[/vimeo]Each student has been given the chance to make their personal statement, and creative freedom to explore his or her personal relationship to the current norms of the fashion world. The shared result consists of 12 collections, 12 fashion films and 12 statements starting with “In a perfect world”.


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