I just LOVE these photos.


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  3. i actually used the first photo to demonstrate the “male gaze” in a college aesthetics portfolio.

  4. No getting a child to pain on your hands is not cleaver, but the girls are gorgeous.

  5. very clever but the fact that the models are nude makes it worse. also, the artists should have picked real people to model, not anorexic skeletons.

  6. Very nice indeed. What an interesting collection.

    Jolly decent chaps and chapesses!!

  7. creepy… but the idea is unique and refreshing! 😀

  8. So artistic!!!!
    And the girls aren’t anorexic,
    have you forgotten
    what your body once looked like
    when you were young?

  9. Orlando Núñez-Toro

    Top of the line photography. Sophisticated modeling. Well done.

  10. Notice in this country, how many people comment on the nudity and not on the art.
    The art is great, the idea was great too, but some of these comments, unbeliveable.
    Life in the U.S.A.

  11. My first thought was, “Oh, what a neat idea!” And the women are very slender, but definitely not anorexic. And so what if they were? Photographer’s choice, isn’t it? Take if for what it is instead of picking it apart like crows in a parking lot, for God’s sake.

  12. Skinny, beautiful, smooth-skinned, sexy women deserve love and admiration too. They are ostracized unnecessarily by segments of the women’s population (I wonder about their common characteristics… can anyone think of a word for the feeling probably under all of that negative energy?). The art makes me content for the nano-second I take it in. It may not stick though. I’ll come away with the wish that I could see the model’s eyes after the fact – but yeah that’s beside the point.

  13. Dave the Toucan

    People here talk a lot about the how the women are nude and skinny without discussing how it contributes to the meaning of the work as a whole. The fact that the piece is in grayscale influences the observer to examine it in terms of shape and form, and so these sexual forms are a deliberate decision by the artist. I believe the art to be a seemless commentary on the shallow nature of sexuality today in America (which some people on the thread have so aptly demonstrated). One can think of the painted hands as a mask, a mask that must be worn to achieve society’s definitition of sexy. The masking also seems to comment on the dehuminazation of female sexuality–the face being the most soulfully human part of the body. In the name of approaching this definition, the subjects have surrendured their fluid, conscious emotion for one which is (at least as outwardly shown) frozen and unrealistic–in some cartoonish way perverted.

  14. Not all skinny women are anorexic, sally. beauitful photos

  15. Is the 2nd chick Daisy Lowe?! Love these photos, and they’re definitely not anorexic. The idea is fab, really makes you think.

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