This Spring season is filled with floral print in the designer collections. Therefore it’s appropriate to mention Liberty. Liberty is one of the most successful companies that sells fabrics. The company is synonymous with Art Nouveau and the Aesthetic Movement of the 1890s and in Italy Art Nouveau is actually known as the Stile Liberty. I love their prints and it has been used in many designer collections through the years.

Cacharel’s limited-edition Liberty-print shirt:


Liberty was founded by Arthur Lasenby Liberty in 1875 to sell ornaments, fabrics and miscellaneous objects d’art from Japan and the Far East. Now it’s possible to buy their fabrics in the department store in the West End shopping district in Central London.


Every single Liberty print has a name – which has been a tradition since the beginning of the history of Liberty. In the early days the design would be named after the printer who had cut the blocks for that design. Now a days the different designers names their designs after their children, friends or their precious moments. This is for me so sweet and tells a story about the fabrics in a very good way. Here are some of my favorite Liberty prints:

Wiltshire + Claire-Auda + Phoebe + Chive:


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