With a video of drops of color in water (looking a lot like smoke) and loud electronic music the The City of Lost Children collection from Louise Amstrup constructed a very urban environment. Black, blue and grey were the main colors. But added a very dramatic color-in-water print it all turned out very feminine. There were lots of sculptural short dresses, on top of long see-trough basic t-shirts, and some very beautiful pants-suits. I particularly liked the suit. It had a perfect mix of 80’s power-woman and the Inter-war periods La Garconne, and was flawlessly styled with short, flat boots and short hair.  Besides that it was that little extra, and something different, that made the rest of the collection stand out much clearer: “The significant other”, so to say! Or a drop of androgynous in the feminine ocean.


Signe has combined the outfits with photos by David Maisel.


  1. I went to Louise Amstrup’s presentation and the clothes were displayed on mannequins with a backdrop of the water video. Spooky mood and the prints were just amazing!
    Love the photographs!

  2. The clothes were highly wearable, but at the same time remained conceptual. Her inspiration (a short film was projected onto a wall) was obvious through colour and texture. Amstrup combined unlikely fabrics and fabric manipulations. Loved the presentation!

  3. I went to Amstrup’s presentation and immediately loved the ambience of the room. The clothes were very desirable, combining intricate fabric manipulations of feathers and organza with thicker, more structured darker fabrics. Being in the presence of the clothes within the room filled with music and a powerpoint film, it felt very conceptual and dreamy with the water ink prints, yet in some ways mechanical with the juxtaposition of the panelled sleeves on the tops and coat. Overall a fabulous and wearable collection!

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