Vice Style has just launched Love Blogging, which is a new series of short films featuring a selection of style bloggers. They wanted to find out how best to create a blog,  build a business and launch a unique fashion brand. Interesting! The bloggers involved are Seamless Fashion,  Alice,  Letty & Louise,  Disney Roller Girl,  Bip Ling and Discoteque Confusion. I haven’t read their blogs before, but I’m looking forward to hear what their advices are.

The democratisation of the internet has given everyone a voice, and the most entrepreneurial of spirits a platform to realise their ambitions. To celebrate the launch of the new BlackBerry Torch, we have chosen five of the most promising, current fashion bloggers, a selection of creatives who have all utilised their blogs, their roles as bloggers and the modern day technology available to them to communicate their views, build businesses and launch unique brands.

See the first video featuring Alice, Letty and Louise here.

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