Mari Keto refers to her own works as ‘objects’. Having the self contained uselessness of the artwork and the perfectly executed craftsmanship of jewellery art, it is no wonder that Keto’s works have always been hard to place.

Originally from a small town in Jaala, Finland Mari Keto graduated as an art blacksmith in 2003 from Pirkanmaa art and handcrafts school, and after moving to Denmark she achieved a masters degree in jewellery art in 2008. Keto describes always being somewhat of an oddball, her works often being hard to fit into a classical understanding of jewellery art, not always meeting smiles from her teachers.

A key aspect of Keto’s art is a highly conceptual use of the language and the classical materials of jewellery art. The connotations and symbolism that the materials have come to carry are used in very decisive ways to construct the statements of the art works. 

I have picked out 3 pieces of her “objects”:

“Trapped in luxury” – to provoke organizations like LV that use fur.


“Ren Kærlighed” – a ring made of soap and when you wash the soap away you can find one of the objects in the next picture!


“Royalties” – a Gum ball machine filled with jablonex pearls and real akoya pearls


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