Christa Päffgen known as Nico was so beautiful. She was a German singer-songwriter, fashion model, actress, keyboard player and a Warhol Superstar. She is remembered for her time in The Velvet Underground.

She’s known as Nico because her friend the photographer Herbert Tobias gave her the name after his ex-boyfriend, filmmaker Nico Papatakis. She recorded her first single “I’m Not Sayin” for Andrew Loog Oldham’s Immediate label after meeting The Rolling Stones guitarist Brian Jones. She was introduced to Bob Dylan and later began working with Andy Warhol and Paul Morrisey on their experimental films.

After some reluctance Andy Warhol managed to convince The Velvet Underground to take on Nico as a singer. Even though John Cale described her as tone deaf Nico sang lead vocals on three songs. I love to look at these old pictures of her.



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