Here’s one to watch. She’s a friend of mine and I really like her work. She started out as an assistant for other photographers, but has now made her own campaigns for – among others – the fashion brand Ganni.

I think her pictures has intensity, softness and an arty feeling – and I love them.







  1. First of all Yes I will tell her – she´s so amazing.
    and thank you so much for commenting on my blog! It means very much. I will take a look at yours.

  2. I love your blog, it’s nice clean and neat like mine 😀 lol

    Tell your friend she’s very talented. I love looking at fashion photograhy, I sucked at doing photoshoots on my course.

    I can’t wait til I do another collection because I’m suddenly finding all these great unheard of photographers.

    I think the top picture (girl with ginger hair) is amazing

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