Permanent Vacation is a group of creative people based on the west coast of Sweden.

“We foremost do what others refers to as fashion. But we do also lots of other stuff; photograf, play records, specialdesign work clothes, colabs, writing, styling for music videos and so on”






  1. we are so happy that you liked the pictures!

    best regards from the team:

    photografer : Jenny Groth (the amazing ex-assistent of Terry Richardson)
    stylist: Jennie Bramer
    hair: Emil Boström

  2. To Jennie
    I would like to know if you did the styling for permanent vacations newest collection?? If that’s the case you did a really good job. I would like to know where the shoes you used in the pictures are from, especially the boots, but also the other pair of brown high heel sandals?? How can I possibly buy them.

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