In conjunction with the 25th anniversary of London Fashion Week, Nick Knight’s current project ‘Showstudio’ opened its Fashion Revolution exhibition doors to the public at Somerset House this week. With the intent of embracing the ever-intensifying power and influence of the Internet within the industry, this exhibition adopts new and somewhat unexplored techniques in playfully allowing the public to experience the creative process of some of fashion’s top players, of blurring the line between the ‘exclusiveness’ of fashion and the general public. Wide-eyed punters are given the chance to draw on a 21ft Naomi Campbell, listen on the telephone to supermodels Lily Donaldson and Karen Elson and see candid (and somewhat unflattering) photographs of the fashion industry’s elite. There’s also a photography studio that is to be used once a week by Nick Knight himself as he does live photo shoots within the exhibition. There’s a two-way mirror running along one wall, enabling the public to stand and watch the process of a legendary photographer at work.  The entire exhibition makes for a facinating viewing and really is revolutionary in that it completely draws you in and enables you to play with fashion. Running from now till December at Somerset house, tickets cost £5. You can also take part in some of the interactive aspects of the exhibition online.


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