Last night Spon Diogo held court at Hotel Nimb’s large high-ceilinged fireplace hall. The fire was light, and classically dressed waiters served redwine while everybody was seated. With no music playing there was plenty of time to focus on the beautiful room, and the people in it. Pictures was taken, and more red wine was served. The warmth from the fireplace slowly ate me up, and when the show finally started I got a serious shock. Suddenly the light went on, and from the speakers came the sound off up-tempo electronic music. The first model walked on the catwalk faster than I ever have seen anybody walk, and so it went on. Black, grey and blood-red clothing rushed by, and all of a sudden it was all over. It all just left me with the memories of sculptural dresses, see-trough shirts with big shoulders, hair like unicorns, and aboce all, the word “space-amazons”.

diogo-2diogo-11diogo-3 copyDiogo-4

Signe has combined the outfits with photos from various sources.

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