I’ve just noticed this brand; Spon Diogo. Mia Lisa Spon and Rui Andersen Rodrigues Diogo are the designers behind. They have worked together as a designteam for more than three years and they have designed for various companies before. They are a couple both in design and privately and they live and work in Copenhagen. They have made their first 10 pieces exclusively for a shop in Copenhagen and this is a pre-collection to their SS09 collection. Mia Lisa Spon is a trained tailor and Rui Andersen Rodrigues Diogo os self-taught in the design field. He has previously run a gallery and boutique and have worked as arts editor on a fashion magazine. Their approach to designing is architectonic, graphic and strongly founded in the love for materials and tailoring. Their first collection – Facets – has focus on classic work methods as cutting and building of shoulders. This is done in a subtle manner, so as to point on female attributes without undressing her.







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