I stumbled upon this interesting project. Laura Bradley has created “The Fashion Almanac” and I love the idea of a more scientific approach to the fashion world. The Fashion Almanac is being described like this:

 For centuries, almanacs have continued to cater for a wealth of fields including agriculture, astronomy, economics, health, religion, science, technology and transportation. An increasingly popular genre of publishing,  these comprehensive compilations have continued to inform and/or entertain individuals. However, there is one prominent cultural field that has long been overlooked by the almanac. It is here, for the first time in the history of publishing, that the almanac centers on the world of fashion, taking its form as a magazine rather than the conventional book. The Fashion Almanac is a magazine in its purest sense, employing a conventional structure based around the components intrinsic to all women’s magazines.

However this issue I’m showing to you is from the Spring/Summer 2008 because it’s the only issue made. At this moment Laura is exploring funding and finding the time (she also works full-time at SHOWstudio) to create issue no. 2. So lets all hope their will be another issue of The Fashion Almanac so we are able to read a graphic and textual exploration of the fashion world.

Read The Fashion Almanac here.


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  2. This is very nice book, I would like to have it but don’t know how can I buy, here (Bangkok Thailand) there is not available at any book store.
    So can somebody kindly advice me how to get one.


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