I’m so pleased with this feature at THINK CONTRA. Thanks so much to Lauren Festa, who set it all up. Here´s a little preview for you:

If blogging was around circa 1954, there may have been a few that looked a little, actually a lot, like Wunderbuzz, a blog curated by Signe Kassow. However, given our current disposition, while most bloggers seek to get their hands on what’s new before it’s new, Signe would gladly let you have it.

The Danish blogger, currently based out of East London, has an affinity for the old and the whimsical, “Is there anything more classy than writing on a typewriter with leather gloves on? I doubt it,” she quips, but also finds inspiration and connection to the modern “I also look at new things, if people have created something wonderful today.”

Her blog is more historical than timely, but it’s this quality that makes Wunderbuzz timeless.

If you want to read the whole interview, check it out here.

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