One of my favorite magazines; S Magazine has started a journal. It’s pretty new and the posts are few, but I will definitely start checking it out. Emil S. Nissen – the ass. fashion editor is the most active blogger and there’s many photos taken by Jens Stoltze. 

The journal starts with a description of the letter S

(written by Rikke Kirstine Kraglund Villadsen):

S is the 19th letter of the Latin alphabet, and one of the most commonly used letters when combining letters into meaningful words.

The ancient Egyptians signified the sound by a hieroglyph shaped like a sword. Over years the sign was altered into new signs, and turned into the Greek ‘Sigma’ which was adopted by the Romans who finally turned the shape into the sophisticated S-form.

S is mostly pronounced ’z’ and ’s’ when linked to other letters in a word.
Lift your tongue to the upper part of your mouth, then compress air, blow out through your lightly closed teeth and it creates a whistling S-sound- you might notice that the movement brings a vague smile to your face.
S has a soft, harmonic and twisted form, which makes it hard to draw in one, perfect, continuous stroke, though it looks soft, elegant and balanced to the eye.

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