Uncommon Creatures AW10 is inspired by the orthodox jews

The Danish designduo Christina Højris Ottosen and Jens Kold-Christensen has created their first collection for their brand “Uncommon Creatures“. Jens Kold-Christensen became inspired by an orthodox Jew in New York and the AW10 collection is reshaping traditional clothes worn by these orthodox jews. I especially love the hats in the collection, which seem to be one of the most important articles of clothing for an orthodox Jew. I’ve tried to figure out the symbolism and the meaning of the Jewish hat, but as Wikipedia write about nine different jewish hats, you could imagine that this was quite an endeavor for a non-Jew like me. What I did discover though — and correct me if I’m wrong — is that the hat is a reminder to the orthodox Jew, that there are someone above you and is a way to invoke the Divine Presence to become more tangible in creation.

Now see what the Uncommon Creatures AW10 collection looks like, I think they’ve nailed it pretty good!

Check out their website here.

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