I must agree with the title of Garry Winogrand’s book Women Are Beautiful from 1975. The book consists of candid shots of anonymous women on the street. Winogrand used a small-format, 35mm camera that enabled him to photograph quickly and freely.


  1. Doug Rosbury

    so called outer beauty has no power if the inner of the women and
    her attitude are lacking in compassion and wisdom. It is the inner woman that a man can live with and truly enjoy for the years that she gives him.
    outer beauty fades but the inner lives forever.——Doug Rosbury

  2. Signe Kassow

    I believe that women are still beautiful when they get older, as long as they take care of themselves. I think an old lady with wrinkles can look double as beautiful as a young woman. That’s also worth thinking about. So I disagree with “outer beauty fades”.

  3. a woman might possibly be “plain”, but if watched for long she suddenly becomes breathe-taking as she pats an old man’s hand, holds a child, or kisses her husband home from work.

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